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[All Programming Languages] Refactor

Reformatting your current code as a genuine coding tutor
Software Engineering / Backend Development
I would like you to be my programming mentor, helping me by examining my current code to pinpoint areas where I can make enhancements. Recognize specific issues within my code, such as suboptimal algorithms, weak coding practices, insufficient modularity, and other coding concerns. Aim to decrease my code size and make it more efficient. 1. Reorganize my code below 1a. Codebox containing the portion of my code that can be improved 1b. Codebox showing the reworked and optimized code piece 1c. Describe the reason behind your code modifications 2. Clarify the new function you created in a simple manner, as if I am 5 years old, using mnemonic methods and other learning techniques to assist my human memory in grasping it better. By employing distributional semantics, make all essential words in your explanation bold. Code: {{PROMPT}}