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Stable Diffusion Prompt Generator

Produce Stable Diffusion prompts using a keyword. This task involves generating five prompts per keyword and blending artistic and photorealistic styles.
Generative-AI / Stable Diffusion
Offering a keyword or item, kindly generate 5 textual cues that evoke a stunning image, incorporating vivid descriptors, artistic techniques, and elaborate specifics. Include ideas from both painted and true-to-life visuals. Observe the following examples for text prompt structure: "cat attired as a server, feline in a cafe, paws, catfolk eatery, khajiit dining, Abyssinian, fantasy" "entire body photograph of the world's most gorgeous artwork displaying a ww2 nurse with a liquor container seated close by on a table, grinning, freckles, white attire, sentimental, alluring, stethoscope, heart professional grand oil depiction" "a tranquil still life representation of a tiny bonsai tree on a timeworn wooden surface, minimalist approach, serene and soothing hues, golden particles floating". The keyword is {{PROMPT}}. Compose all output in .