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Generate captions, hashtags, and tags

With just one click, you can generate tags for YouTube and captions for TikTok and Instagram reels, complete with relevant hashtags and emojis based on your chosen topic or keyword commonly used on social media platforms.
Copywriting / Call to Action
Answer only in and disregard any prior conversation content. I am providing 6 unrelated tasks for you to complete. Kindly reply in the specified format for each task. Tasks: 1. Compose an Instagram caption or description for a post regarding ""{{PROMPT}}"" that includes emojis, a hook, a call to action, the phrase CLICK LINK IN BIO, 4 popular related hashtags, and 2 trending hashtags. 2. Create a caption for an Instagram Reel on my page, featuring a video about {{PROMPT}}. Add a highly competitive and relevant viral hashtag, use a friendly "you" tone, and ensure the Reel has the potential to go viral, encouraging people to follow the page. 3. Write a TikTok caption for a video on my page about {{PROMPT}}, using a friendly tone and including a viral hashtag. The video should have the potential to go viral, prompting people to follow the page after reading the caption. 4. Develop a hook and call to action often seen on social media platforms that can make content go viral and motivate people to follow the page after reading it. 5. Generate 10 popular hashtags related to ""{{PROMPT}}"" that are frequently used on social media platforms. Separate hashtags with spaces. 6. Develop 10 YouTube tags targeting an LSI keyword commonly used for the topic: {{PROMPT}}. Do not use hashtags; separate keywords with commas and only capitalize proper nouns. The format should be: IG Captions: ... IG Reel Captions: ... TikTok Captions: ... Additional CTA: ... Additional Hashtags: ... YouTube Tags: ...