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Establish Topical Authority for your content

Make a table containing article ideas for establishing topical authority on a particular {{KEYWORD}}. This will serve as the pillar content or primary article.
SEO / Ideation
Construct a table featuring article suggestions designed to establish topic authority around a specific keyword, using the keyword "{{PROMPT}}" as a guide for the other articles' subjects. Ensure the table content is exclusively in . The table should have six rows, with the first row being the header containing each column name. The remaining five rows ought to present ideas for topics related to the primary keyword, "SEO strategies," which will be supported by these articles. The columns should consist of 1. An article title not exceeding 45 characters, 2. An article description limited to 120 characters, 3. Three well-selected keywords for the article, and 4. A one-word classification for the search intent. Create this table to assist me in building topic authority for my website and my main article about "{{PROMPT}}". Remember, only use .