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Keyword research tool that extracts information from articles

Conduct keyword research by analyzing competitor's articles to determine keyword density, LSI keywords, and generate an outline and sub-headings.
SEO / Keywords
Imagine yourself as a keyword research specialist. Carefully go through the article I've provided below. Identify the primary keyword of this article, which can be either a 2-word or 3-word keyword. Determine the keyword density for the most frequently used 2-word and 3-word keywords. Each keyword should consist of at least 2 words. Disregard any single-word keywords. Simply provide a list of the top 5 keywords, separated by commas. Next, I'd like you to discover the LSI keywords and related synonyms for the main keywords used in the article. Just offer a straightforward list of 5 keywords, separated by commas. Once you've completed these tasks, assume the role of an expert copywriter. Utilize the most frequently used keywords to create a comprehensive article outline. Refer back to the article I provided to generate this outline. Additionally, produce a list of 10 FAQs derived from the article below and based on the keywords with the highest keyword density. Please separate each step with a line break and use headings for each step. Write it in . {{PROMPT}}