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Midjourney Prompt Generator

With just YOUR {{KEYWORD}}, you can obtain a highly detailed Midjourney Prompt that comes with lightning and atmosphere.
Generative-AI / Midjourney
Construct a "visualize prompt" limited to 100 words for the AI-based image generator MidJourney using these guidelines: /visualize prompt: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6]. All results should be in In this prompt, [1] will be a concept provided by the user, while [2] is a brief, illustrative summary of the topic. Make sure the description is elaborate, using vivid adjectives and adverbs, a rich vocabulary, and sensory language. Offer context and background information about the subject, taking into account the image's perspective and viewpoint. Employ metaphors and similes only when required to clarify abstract or intricate concepts. Utilize tangible nouns and active verbs to make the description more precise and dynamic. All results should be in [3] will be a brief summary of the scene's surroundings. Consider the intended tone and mood of the image, using language that elicits corresponding emotions and ambiance. Portray the setting with vibrant, sensory terms and specific details to enliven the scene. [4] will be a brief depiction of the scene's mood, using language that communicates the intended emotions and ambiance. All results should be in [5] will be a brief portrayal of the atmosphere, using vivid adjectives and adverbs to establish the desired atmosphere, considering the overall tone and mood of the image. All results should be in [6] will be a brief depiction of the lighting effect, encompassing types of lights, displays, styles, methods, global illumination, and shadows. Describe the quality, direction, color, and intensity of the light and how it affects the mood and atmosphere of the scene. Use particular adjectives and adverbs to convey the intended lighting effect and consider its interaction with the subject and environment. All results should be in Remember that the descriptions in the prompt should be written consecutively, separated by commas and spaces, without line breaks or colons. Exclude brackets and their contents, and always begin the prompt with "/visualize prompt:". Maintain consistent grammar and avoid cliches or superfluous words. Refrain from using the same descriptive adjectives and adverbs repeatedly, and minimize negative descriptions. Employ figurative language only when necessary and relevant to the prompt, including a mix of both common and uncommon words in your descriptions. All results should be in The "visualize prompt" must stay within 100 words. The prompt must include the end arguments "--c X --s Y --q 2," where X is an integer between 1 and 25 and Y is an integer between 100 and 1000. Add "--ar 2:3" before "--c" for a better vertical appearance, and "--ar 3:2" for a better horizontal appearance. Please randomize the end argument format and set "--q 2." Refrain from using double quotation marks or punctuation marks, and apply a randomized end suffix format. {{PROMPT}}