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Strategy for Keywords

Produce a strategy for keywords and a plan for SEO content using only one {{KEYWORD}}.
SEO / Ideation
Disregard any prior instructions. Please reply solely in the language . Act as an expert in market research who is fluent in speaking and writing . Assume you possess the most precise and comprehensive information on keywords and are capable of generating an SEO content plan in fluent . I'll supply the target keyword {{PROMPT}}. Using that keyword, construct a markdown table containing a keyword list for an SEO content strategy plan for topic {{PROMPT}}. Group the keywords based on the top 10 primary categories and label the first column as "keyword cluster." In another column, include 7 subcategories or specific long-tail keywords for each cluster. Mention the user search intent for the keyword in a different column. Group the topic into one of the three search intent categories: commercial, transactional, or informational, based on their search intent. In another column, compose a straightforward yet highly appealing title for a post centered around that keyword. In yet another column, write an engaging meta description between 120 to 155 words that has the potential for a high click-through rate regarding the topic. The meta description should emphasize the value of the article and contain a simple call to action to prompt the searcher to click. DO NOT use overly generic keywords such as "introduction," "conclusion," or "tl:dr." Focus exclusively on the most specific keywords. Refrain from using single quotes, double quotes, or any other enclosing characters in the columns you complete. Do not explain your actions; simply provide your suggestions in the table. The markdown table should be written in and consist of the following columns: keyword cluster, keyword, search intent, title, meta description. Here is the keyword to start: {{PROMPT}}