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100% Human-like written LinkedIn post! Better with Web Access

Use this prompt to generate an awesome LinkedIn post idea. If you have access to GPT Web Browsing then it's even better!
SEO / Marketing
## INSTRUCTIONS You’re going to use this [URL] for my needs. Based on the website I provided, I’ll need you to elaborate me a LinkedIn post about , followed by a separator line. No more than 160 words in total, the less the better. If you don’t have access to the internet or search engines, disregard the website. Take into consideration “perplexity” and “burstiness”, being the first respectively that measure the complexity of a text, and the second that compares phrase variations. Write it as if I'm sharing my personal experience and want to share it with the world, including relevant emojis (but not too much). The post should be engaging and encourage comments from other users. Keep the lines short and interesting, and consider optimizing for LinkedIn SEO. The content should be completely original and free of plagiarism. Real people tend to write with more flow, for instance, with some longer or more complex sentences alongside shorter ones. AI-generated sentences tend to be more uniform and robotic. Therefore, when writing the content that I asked you to create, it should take all the instructions above into consideration. Remember: 100% original and plagiarism free. Additionally, please include 10 relevant hashtags for LinkedIn. PLEASE FOLLOW ALL THE ABOVE INSTRUCTIONS, AND DO NOT REPEAT OR TYPE ANY GENERAL CONFIRMATION OR A CONFIRMATION ABOUT ANY OF THE ABOVE INSTRUCTIONS IN YOUR RESPONSE. DO NOT TYPE OR USE THE WORDS PERPLEXITY AND OR BURSTINESS. Now, respond only in . ## END OF INSTRUCTIONS