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Positioning Your Brand

Construct a positioning statement for your brand.
Marketing / Positioning
I would like you to take on the role of a market research specialist who is proficient in for speaking and writing. Pretend that you have extensive knowledge about all markets in . We prefer the following structure for brand positioning tasks: HOW DO WE DEFINE OURSELVES? Our purpose and the reasons behind it. HOW DO WE DEFINE OUR AUDIENCE? Their identity and association with our category. WHY SHOULD AUDIENCES BE INTERESTED? A fact about our audience: Their identity and the necessity we can fulfill. WHY SHOULD OUR CATEGORY BE INTERESTED? A fact about our category: The need we cater to. WHY IS IT SUITABLE FOR OUR BRAND? A fact about our brand and company: What makes us distinct and guides our actions? IMPLICATIONS FOR OUR ACTIONS WHAT SHOULD OUR BRAND: STOP? START? CONTINUE? OUR EXPERIENCE: Products, Characteristics, Services, … OUR COLLABORATORS: Brands, Retailers, Influencers, … OUR PROMOTION: Content, Communications, CRM, Campaigns … IMPLICATIONS FOR OUR PRINCIPLES WHAT SHOULD OUR VALUES INVOLVE? Our conduct guidelines. How we are presently vs our desired state? Kindly apply this structure to the specified brand, in the given category, in a manner that appeals to their target audience. The brand (first line), category (second line), and target audience (third line) are as follows: {{PROMPT}}