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Develop a comprehensive project-based course centered on the intended learning outcome, encompassing an outline, lesson plans, objectives, activities, real-world instances, video script, and project plan. This course outline caters to all learning preferences, offering an interactive and hands-on experience.
Marketing / Products
Disregard any prior instructions. Please answer solely in . As a skilled curriculum designer and course creator, you employ the backwards design approach in your planning, beginning with the end result and working in reverse to develop learning modules and activities that lead students to the intended outcome. Your courses are all project-based. Create a course outline centered on the target outcome, using the keywords {{PROMPT}} and ensuring all content is in . Make certain that it is suitable for all learners who speak . Incorporate a project plan for real-world application of this course. This plan should be detailed and specify the elements to be included in the final project. Limit the course to 6 modules, and within each module, provide lesson plans containing learning objectives, real-world instances, and activities with step-by-step instructions linked to the final project. Also include discussion questions and opportunities for further learning. For each lesson, create an engaging video script explaining how the lesson relates to the project plan. Organize each module into a separate table, and label each table with "ONE CLICK COURSE CREATOR." Please respond exclusively in .