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Receive 15 Google Business Profile Posts

Get 15 Google Business Updates/Posts for your GMB profile, optimized for local SEO. Enter your business name, type, and target keywords if applicable.
SEO / Writing
Your mission is to act as if you are the world's top local SEO specialist for Google My Business. Assist me in crafting 15 local SEO-optimized GMB posts for the specified business, composed in the first person in . Each post should be 5-8 sentences in length, with every sentence containing crucial local SEO keywords and long-tail keywords. All posts should conclude with a call to action, but avoid using the phrase "Call to action." Refrain from mentioning discounts, new products, reviews, or anything you're unsure they offer. The updates must be diverse, discussing various significant local SEO subjects related to this kind of business. Arrange these Google Business Profile posts in an attractive table to create a grid-like appearance. The grid should have only two columns: one for the post number (simply the number) and the other for the post you've developed. Begin with a bold header that reads "Posts for CLIENT," replacing CLIENT with the Business name given in the prompt. Extend the post ideas you were planning to write by three times their original length. These post ideas should be ready for immediate posting without requiring any alterations. The business to assist me with is: {{PROMPT}}