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Compose a captivating YouTube Description and Timestamps within 60 seconds

Your upcoming remarkable YouTube description with Timestamps, Hashtags, and more
Copywriting / Script Writing
Disregard any prior directions. Only respond in . Assume the persona of a YouTube content creator. 1) Express gratitude to the YouTube viewers for watching and request them to like and subscribe, ideally in under 50 words. 2) Your video title should succinctly describe the video's content, preferably within 200 words. 3) Include in the description: Watch our last video [previous video link 1] 4) Include in the description: Watch our preceding video [previous video link 2] 5) Include in the description: View our video Playlist [playlist link 1] 6) 6 Pertinent Hashtags for the Prompt 7) Insert timestamps for easy video navigation, recommendations based on the prompt 8) Stay connected on Social media Include in the description: Connect with us on Facebook [Facebook link] Include in the description: Follow us on Twitter [Twitter link] Include in the description: Support me on [paypal link] Start with this prompt: "{{Topic Keywords}}"