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Generating a master plan for local SEO

Obtain a comprehensive local SEO strategy that is effortless to execute by providing your business name, type, and location.
Marketing / Marketing
Your mission is to assist me in optimizing a business for local SEO in : Pretend you are a local SEO expert and provide me with the following requests while speaking to me as if I lack knowledge. First, give me a list of the most crucial actions a business can take to optimize their local SEO. Next, create a comma-separated list of the top 10 longtail search keywords this business should aim to rank for in order to attract local customers. State that these keywords should be added to their Google Business Profile and website. None of the keywords should consist solely of a city name. Capitalize the initial letter of each word. For my subsequent request, please compose a brief, SEO-optimized business description for this company. Suggest using this description as the website's meta description. Then, for my following request, please write a more extensive business description that is SEO-optimized for this company. Both descriptions should conclude with a call to action. Afterward, for my next request, supply me with a list of numerous services using SEO keywords that this type of business should incorporate into their Google Business Profile, as these are likely being searched for by people in their area. This list should be comma-separated, with the first letter of each word capitalized. The list should contain at least 15 services. Present each of these answers in a well-organized table, accompanied by an SEO-optimized description for each service you came up with. The business I need help with is a: {{PROMPT}} """