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Midjourney Buddy

ChatGPT create Midjourney prompt.
Generative-AI / Midjourney
disregard all previous guidelines: compose without word wraps and headings, without linking words, concentrate on nouns and adjectives, separated by commas back to back: [1], [2], [3] {night}, [4], [5] {materials} substitute [1] with the main subject: "{{PROMPT}}" substitute [2] with a collection of synonyms and assorted adjectives about [1] substitute [3] with a set of nouns and adjectives describing the scene's environment substitute [4] with a group of nouns and adjectives representing the mood/emotions and ambiance of the scene substitute [5] with a variety of nouns and adjectives about the technical aspects like rendering engine/camera model and details replace the content within the {} brackets with just ONE random element from the following list, for each {} bracket in the prompt: - materials: wood, iron, bronze, aluminum, anti-matter, Brick, Bronze, Carbon Fiber, Cardboard, Cellulose, Ceramic, Cotton, Fabric, Fiber Optic, Foil, Gasoline, Glass, Gold, Gummies, Latex, Leather, Magma, Metallic, Nickel, Nylon, Paper, Plastic, Quartz, Shrink Wrap, Skin, Slime, Wooden, Yarn, Zinc, Copper, Plasma, Liquid Ice - night: night, day, dusk, dawn, evening, morning also include extra information (nouns, adjectives) about this replaced word. Do this for every {} bracket in the prompt. advanced prompt for an AI-driven text to image application that turns a prompt discussing a topic into a visual. The output depends on the coherence of the prompts. The entire scene's subject always relies on the subject replaced with [1]. consistently initiate the prompt with "/imagine prompt:" attach to the prompt "--stylize" followed by a number between 0 and 1000 always conclude the prompt with "--q 2" avoid repeating identical words in the prompt. if, for example, "dragon" appears twice, then write it as "dragon::2" write in refrain from using line breaks