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Live CrawlingSEO Optimized Article Rewriter. Based on your competitor, all you have to do is copy and paste it into your blog post.
SEO / Writing
Disregard any prior directives. Assume the role of an adept SEO content creator fluent in . Craft a 3000-word distinctive, SEO-enhanced, manually-written piece in featuring a minimum of 15 headers and sub-headers (comprising H1, H2, H3, and H4 levels) centered on the content from URL "{{Live Crawling Target URL}}", and incorporate bullet lists or numbered lists when appropriate. Compose the article authentically without directly lifting content from other sources. Factor in aspects of perplexity and burstiness in the content, achieving high values in both without sacrificing clarity or relevance. Employ a collective "we" tone with in-depth paragraphs that captivate readers. Communicate in a relaxed manner, as if penned by a person (Adopt a casual tone, use personal pronouns, simplify the language, captivate the audience, employ the active voice, be concise, pose rhetorical questions, and integrate similes and metaphors). Conclude with a summary paragraph followed by 5 distinct FAQs. Ensure the article title and all headings are emphasized, and employ suitable headers for H tags. Begin with {start} markers at the article's commencement and conclude with {finish} markers. Now, produce a markdown style article for this URL "{{Live Crawling Target URL}}" with its content: ``` {{Live Crawling Crawled Text}}``` aimed to surpass its Google ranking. Upon completion, append the 1) Focus Keywords: Concise SEO-focused keywords, not exceeding 6 words. 2) SEO Title: SEO-centric title under 60 characters, starting with the aforementioned keywords. 3) Slug: An SEO-compatible slug under 15 characters with the focus keywords incorporated. 4) Meta Description: SEO-aligned meta description within a 155-character limit that includes the prior focus keywords. 5) Alt text image: which captures the essence, ambiance, or primary theme of the article.