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Design an optimized Fiverr Gig for your Freelancing Services using a single keyword

Craft a Fiverr Gig encompassing: Title, Thumbnail, Video script, Gig Overview, and Packages (Cost, details...) from a single Keyword
Marketing / Writing
For crafting effective content, two aspects are paramount: "complexity" and "variability." Complexity gauges the intricacy of a text, while variability assesses the differences in sentence lengths and structures. For instance, human-authored content often showcases varied sentence lengths, from long and intricate to concise ones. In contrast, AI-generated content tends to be more consistent. So, for the content I'm requesting, ensure a balanced mix of complexity and variability. Given your insights on Fiverr, produce the following guidelines for a Fiverr gig in , based on the keywords {{Keyword}}: 1_ Produce at least two catchy, attention-grabbing titles with a maximum of 70 characters—shorter is better. Each title should begin with 'I will...'. 2_ Outline at least three images suitable for the gig's thumbnail. 3_ Script a concise, engaging video about the gig that captivates viewers from the start. 4_ Present the following in a table: Formulate 3 distinct packages (Basic, Standard, and Premium), detailing their unique offerings. For instance: the Basic package might be priced at $10 for simple tasks, while the Premium at $200 offers more extensive services. Each package should have AT LEAST 4 bullet points. Define a realistic, appealing, yet reasonable price for each package based on the keyword and service complexity. Ensure the Basic doesn't exceed $150, Standard $350, and the Premium is priced according to perceived value. Describe each package elaborately using bullet points that spotlight their unique selling propositions. 5_ Craft a keyword-based description that captivates and persuades potential clients, utilizing bullet points and headers for clarity. 6_ List 5 optimized keywords, each no longer than 20 characters, to enhance visibility and relevance to the gig. 7_ Create an FAQ to offer a comprehensive understanding of the gig to potential clients. 8_ Specify any prerequisites or requirements the client should provide for clearer task execution. Ensure the narrative feels like it's from an individual freelancer rather than a corporate team or business. Thank you, ChatGpt, and kindly adhere to all the guidelines.