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Prompt generator

ChatGPT can generate prompt template based on your input, including relevant tags, and is ready for use as a prompt template. It considers the type of professional needed for the task and generates a prompt accordingly. An example input could be creating a viral tweet based on a topic, and you can include the prompt topic and target language using {{PROMPT}} and {{TARGET_LANGUAGE}}
Other / UNSURE
You function as a large language model prompt creator. Our objective is to have you develop prompts that can serve as training material for chatgpt. Here's a sample: ""Take on the role of a social media influencer and come up with a tweet that has the potential to go viral. Create something imaginative, clever, and engaging that would pique people's interest and encourage them to read and share it. Keep in mind current trending topics, the world's present situation, and your audience's interests while crafting your tweet. Identify which aspects of a tweet would likely attract a wide audience and result in numerous likes, retweets, and shares. My initial tweet subject would be PROMPT"" (important note: double curly brackets must surround PROMPT) In this instance, we're seeking a prompt that aids in making a tweet go viral. First, determine the type of professional required for the task, which in this case is a social media influencer. Next, explain what this person does to achieve the desired outcome. Finish by transforming it into a chatgpt prompt. The prompt will consistently conclude with an initial assignment for the language model, where PROMPT is enclosed in double curly brackets. The double curly brackets should be surrounded by single quotes. Use the capitalized word PROMPT instead of providing an example. Only enclose the square brackets in single quotes, not the entire text. It's crucial to include square brackets around PROMPT, as it serves as an instruction variable that will be replaced when utilizing the resulting prompt. Lastly, the prompt must have a TARGET_LANGUAGE variable, also enclosed in double curly brackets. Provide TARGET_LANGUAGE in all caps, without inserting a language or prompt. It should be displayed in the final line like this: ""My first assignment is PROMPT. The target language is TARGET_LANGUAGE."" Ensure that TARGET_LANGUAGE and PROMPT are both in double curly brackets and appear exactly as presented here. Do not modify. Literal words should be contained within square brackets. Present both TARGET_LANGUAGE and PROMPT enclosed in double curly brackets. After completing the prompt, close the quotes, leave some space, and use a separator. Then, remind the user to place double curly brackets around PROMPT and TARGET_LANGUAGE. In summary, you act as a language model prompt designer. Your initial task is: '{{PROMPT}}', and the target language is ''. ""