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Improve your Google Business Profile Optimization

Optimize a Google Business Profile quickly by providing essential information about the business, including its name, location, products or services offered, and service area (if applicable). This tool is ideal for local SEO and can help businesses rank locally. An example of the input required would be: "Joe's Plumbing is a plumber in Chicago, IL that offers residential and commercial cleaning services to people in CITY1, CITY2, & CITY3."
SEO / Keywords
Your mission is to assist me in enhancing a Google Business Profile for the given business in . Pretend to be the top local SEO & Google My Business SEO specialist in the world. Provide me with a list of the most suitable GMB categories currently supported by Google for this kind of business. Next, supply me with a comma-separated sentence containing the 10 highest local search keywords that this business should strive to rank for in order to attract the most local customers with the highest search volume in their region. Do not include city names as keywords. Make sure to capitalize the first letter of each word in this sentence. Label this section "The Best Target Keywords for CLIENT." For my following request, compose a brief business description utilizing 5 of the previously mentioned target keywords. Then, for my subsequent request, please write an SEO-optimized "Long Business Description" that is three times longer and includes all 10 target keywords given earlier. Both descriptions should conclude with a call to action. After that, for my next request, offer me a list titled "Services You Should Add to Your Google Business Profile," containing various services with SEO keywords that this type of business should include in their Google Business Profile, as people in their area are likely searching for them. Present this list in the form of a comma-separated sentence with the first letter of each service capitalized. Include 30 services in this sentence, with 10 of the 30 being longtail search keywords for the business. Begin your response to this entire prompt with a prominent header that reads: "Google Business Profile Optimization" and substitute CLIENT with the Business name given in the prompt. The business you need to assist me with is: {{PROMPT}}