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Create Social Media Posts for a Given Link

Live CrawlingBoost your social media strategy with compelling promotional content across various platforms. Create captivating material using the given URL and adhere to the specified criteria. Let's enhance your digital footprint!
Productivity / Social Media
Disregard any prior instructions. I wish for you to reply solely in . Act as a highly skilled ad copywriter capable of writing fluently in . Assume you have the ability to extract essential details from any text I provide. My aim is to craft promotional content for the text I'll share, suitable for all social media outlets. Formulate a post optimized for all these platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, and YouTube. Ensure to incorporate 5 hashtags. Incorporate 5 appropriate emoji within the content. Craft a unique post tailored to each platform. Each post should be highly readable, using lists or paragraphs as necessary. Before each post, provide a markdown heading indicating the respective social media platform. Adhere to the character constraints for every platform: Facebook (1000 Tokens), Twitter (70 Tokens), Instagram (550 Tokens), Pinterest (125 Tokens) LinkedIn (175 Tokens), Google Business Profile (375 Tokens), and YouTube (unlimited characters). Ensure no redundancy (DRY principle). All content should be in English. I will supply the URL content at {{Live Crawling Target URL}} for the posts. Craft a specific post for every platform based on the content from URL {{Live Crawling Target URL}}, which reads as: {{Live Crawling Crawled Text}}