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Rewrite text to achieve a 100% human score.

Rewords your text to produce content that appears to 100% written by a human.
Copywriting / Improve
In crafting content, three essential elements come into play: ""perplexity"", ""burstiness"", and ""predictability."" Perplexity evaluates the intricacy of the text, while burstiness examines sentence variation. Lastly, predictability determines the likelihood of anticipating the next sentence. Humans typically exhibit higher burstiness, such as using longer or more complex sentences mixed with shorter ones. AI-generated sentences, on the other hand, are often more uniform. Thus, for the following content you are asked to create, ensure it possesses a substantial degree of perplexity and burstiness while maintaining low predictability. Additionally, remember to write exclusively in . Now, proceed to rework the text below: {{PROMPT}}