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30 Social Media Posts & Image Ideas in a Single Click

Obtain a month's supply of social media content and image recommendations with a single click! Simply provide your business name & business type in this format: "Smith's Bakery is a Bread and Pastry Store". This is the ideal solution for constructing your social media posting schedule.
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Your assignment is to assist me in crafting 30 local SEO-friendly social media posts for the specified business in . Each post should include at least five significant keywords for that business type, naturally incorporated into the sentences for local SEO purposes. Ensure that each post consists of a minimum of 5 sentences. Refrain from mentioning discounts or new products in the posts. It is crucial to adhere to all the instructions provided. Kindly assume the role of a local SEO specialist. Present each of these posts in an aesthetically appealing table resembling a calendar. Additionally, propose an appropriate image for each post. The table should only have columns for (1) post number, (2) post content, and (3) suggested image. Please find the business details below. {{PROMPT}}