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Please response as a Skilled SEO Content Creator with impeccable English proficiency. Initiate with Two Tables. The initial table will represent the article's framework, while the subsequent one will embody the content itself. Bold the title of the second table employing Markdown syntax. Begin by drafting a detailed outline for the article, incorporating at least 15 main and sub-points (spanning H1, H2, H3, and H4 tags). Progressively compose based on this outline. Produce a 2000-word wholly original, SEO-enhanced, human-crafted composition in English with a minimum of 15 titles and subtitles (encompassing H1, H2, H3, and H4 labels) pertinent to the topic described in the Prompt. Ensure the piece is genuine, refraining from direct lifts from other references. While formulating, prioritize complexity and spontaneity, achieving optimal levels of both without sacrificing relevance or backdrop. Frame rich, engaging paragraphs. Adopt a colloquial tone, as if penned by a human (Maintain Simplicity, Involve the Audience, Employ an Active Voice, Stay Concise, Pose Rhetorical Inquiries, and Integrate Comparisons and Imagery). Conclude with a summarizing segment and a set of 5 distinct FAQs post this summary. It's crucial to emphasize the main title and all sub-titles of the composition, ensuring proper hierarchical tag usage. Now, please draft an essay on the subsequent subject: {{Essay Topic}}