MaxAI 強化您的執行決策

釋放 AI 的力量,進行深入市場分析和流暢溝通。MaxAI 為企業領導者提供尖端工具,實現更智能、更快速的決策和業務增長。


讓 MaxAI 十倍提升您的業務洞察力

MaxAI 改變您與資訊互動的方式。從 AI 引擎的搜索優化到實時市場洞察,MaxAI 確保您始終處於領先地位。我們的一系列工具旨在為高管和企業主在市場研究、決策和戰略規劃方面提供競爭優勢。


MaxAI 商業領導力的功能

1-Click AI,1-Click 魔法

突出顯示和觸發 AI 工具。可自定義的重複任務提示

AI 引擎搜索優化

精煉的查詢和簡明的答案。增強 Google 搜索的 AI 洞察力

無限訪問頂級 AI 模型

全面覆蓋 GPT-4-turbo 和其他模型

跨平台 AI 寫作助手


AI 注入的內容互動

與 AI 對話關於 PDF、YouTube 視頻、網頁

增強的 AI 功能

1-Click 提示、多語言回應、可控制的 AI 隨機性、網頁訪問副駕駛員


有了 MaxAI,耗時的研究、繁瑣的撰寫和複雜的數據分析變得輕鬆自如。體驗高效領導力的未來,為戰略思考和業務增長節省您一天中的時間。

Integrated AI at its infancy and it has skipped walking and is on to running. The uses of this extension are limitless, changed my web habits virtually overnight.

Justin Terry

This is a must have app extension. I cant say enough on how convenient it is to use an extension that can go between different AI models. Great job in creating this extension.

Professor Escobar

Super helpful when my mom brain kicks in and I can't make words make sense. Allows me to speed up communications and decreases my work emails by 65% probably!!

Kassidy Carswell

Incredibly useful. AI from your browser using just one click. This extension helps me solve my problems one prompt at time. One of the best Plugins yet!

Richard Appleton

Maxai .me has changed my productivity everyday for my conntent creation and has absololutley fasttracked my goals in so many ways. Its absoloty wonderful!!

Kaleigh Weaver


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