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Compress PDF

Reduce PDF size by compressing text and embedded images through a local browser

Quickly reduce the size of your PDF documents with our cutting-edge online PDF Compression tool, ensuring high-quality results with maximum security and efficiency.

Rapid PDF compression process

No external software installation needed

Highly secure and confidential – your files are processed locally in your browser

Fast and Efficient Compression

Experience swift PDF size reduction without compromising on quality. Our tool optimizes your files for faster sharing and minimal storage use.

Maintain Quality

Our advanced technology ensures that the visual integrity of your PDFs is preserved, retaining the clarity and readability of both images and text.

Local Processing for Enhanced Security

We prioritize your privacy. The entire compression process is executed within your browser, ensuring that your documents do not leave your device.

Universal Accessibility

Accessible from anywhere, our online PDF Compression tool allows you to reduce file sizes on any device without needing any installations.

Offline Capability

Enable compression even when you're offline. Preload the page, and you can proceed with file compression without needing an internet connection.

Custom Compression Settings

Tailor the compression level to your specific needs, allowing for custom adjustments to balance between file size reduction and visual quality, ensuring optimal results for every type of document.

How To Easily Compress PDFs:

1. Upload your PDF to the online compression tool.

2. The tool quickly processes your file, reducing its size while maintaining quality.

3. Download the compressed PDF to your device immediately after compression.

4. Check the quality and size of the compressed PDF by opening it on your preferred PDF reader.

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