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用 MaxAI 改變教育:提升學習,賦予教育者力量

通過 MaxAI 革新教育領域。從課程開發到互動式學習材料,MaxAI 簡化行政任務,為教學方法注入創造力。體驗效率和學生參與度的新時代。


讓 MaxAI 十倍提升您的教育影響力

MaxAI 重新定義教育過程,在課程規劃、生成動態學習內容和管理行政工作流程方面提供無與倫比的幫助。擁抱 AI 的力量,創建引人入勝的教育體驗,提高生產力。

使用 MaxAI 進行課程開發

利用 MaxAI 設計全面而引人入勝的課程,以滿足不同的學習需求




通過 MaxAI 強化的工具,簡化行政任務,從排程到文件管理


MaxAI 不僅是一個工具,它是您的教育合作夥伴。釋放寶貴的時間,專注於教學和學生互動,將重複性任務交給 MaxAI。重新發現教育的樂趣,無需額外負擔。

Integrated AI at its infancy and it has skipped walking and is on to running. The uses of this extension are limitless, changed my web habits virtually overnight.

Justin Terry

This is a must have app extension. I cant say enough on how convenient it is to use an extension that can go between different AI models. Great job in creating this extension.

Professor Escobar

Super helpful when my mom brain kicks in and I can't make words make sense. Allows me to speed up communications and decreases my work emails by 65% probably!!

Kassidy Carswell

Incredibly useful. AI from your browser using just one click. This extension helps me solve my problems one prompt at time. One of the best Plugins yet!

Richard Appleton

Maxai .me has changed my productivity everyday for my conntent creation and has absololutley fasttracked my goals in so many ways. Its absoloty wonderful!!

Kaleigh Weaver


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